Outer fabric Twin

Outside: 98% aramid - 2% AST ; ± 225 g/m²

The Twin fabric has a specific two-sided construction. The Twin has a long life span and a good mechanical resistance: it doesn't break open after a flashover. This fabric is used daily by many firefighters worldwide, its high performance is well‑established.

Sioen - Nomex Twin Outer fabric

Moisture barrier SIO-A.I.R. PTFE

100% aramid

Following their risk assessment, firemen sometimes ask for a membrane that is not only breathable but also very heat resistant. That is why we developed our own solution: the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE. We have laminated a base layer of PTFE on a 3D felt of 100% aramid.

The SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE is tested in accordance with the ISO 6530 standard (Protection against liquid chemicals - Test method for resistance of materials to penetration by liquids). It is waterproof, with a water column of more than 10 metres, even after it has been exposed to a temperature of 220°C for 7 seconds. It also passes the kerosene exposure test.

Finally, the membrane also passes the ASTM F1671 test after 25 washes at 60°C, which ensures that a selection of viruses cannot penetrate the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFE membrane.

Sioen - The SIO-A.I.R. PTFE moisture barrier

Thermal barrier Techweave

This 3D weave produces a fabric with excellent insulating properties.

The air channel system thus created makes it possible to achieve a level of thermal insulation never before achieved while improving the regulation of heat and sweat that firefighters generate while in interventions. Thanks to its aramid composition, this lining has a very good mechanical resistance.

This fabric improves the comfort of the firefighter thanks to its flexibility and lightness.

50% of Techweave is in direct contact with the skin, which makes Techweave very comfortable.

Sioen - Techweave thermal barrier


Sioen - The 830 Nomex Twin assembly is shown, consisting of the Nomex Twin outer fabric, the SIO-A.I.R. PTFE moisture barrier and the Techweave thermal barrier