The history of Sioen Firefighter Clothing dates back to 1927, when the company Vidal was founded in Graulhet – the former leather capital in the southwest of France. Already then, we reshaped the firefighting industry with innovative garments, such as leather protection jackets.

In 2001, Sioen Industries acquired Vidal and placed the brand under the competent management of its Apparel Division. Highly technical fabrics were introduced and it’s only been up ever since.

Now, well into the 21st century, Sioen Firefighter Clothing is renowned for its 360-degree view. Our all-round expertise is unique in the world. From engineering fabrics to manufacturing to maintenance. The goal: making firefighters excel.

We have the largest collection of intervention clothing compliant with European standard EN 469 – the key standard for protective firefighting garments. The result: we deliver fire suits that are entirely tailored to your needs.

Not only do we take specific requirements of all fire departments into account, but we do the same for every single firefighter. Sizing garments for a perfect fit? Consider it done.

Since 1927, we have delivered over a million firefighter suits across the globe. Firefighters in the heat of Dubai, in Latvia's cool weather or in the buzzing city of Paris: we help them all excel.

As a part of Sioen Apparel, Sioen Firefighter Clothing benefits from the know-how and expertise of 7 other specialised brands – ranging from high-vis industry garments (Sioen PPC) to bulletproof vests (Sioen Ballistics) to lifejackets (Mullion). All areas within protective clothing are covered.

The main benefit is that we provide top-notch garment solutions for any working environment and any hazard firefighters may encounter: car crashes in tunnels, flooding in rural areas, rescue operations on cliffs, fires on oil rigs, emergencies in chemical facilities, water-related interventions, etc.

Each fire department is different and no day is the same for a firefighter, but whichever the challenge, you can count on our fire suits.