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    Teijin Aramid

    Teijin Aramid is the world's number one aramid producer, headquartered in the Netherlands. Its high-performance meta-aramid Teijinconex® offers excellent resistance to heat, flame and chemicals. The unique chemical structure means it does not burn or melt, and so it cannot adhere to human skin. Teijinconex® is used for manufacturing Sioen Fire’s firefighter suits.

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  • PBI logo


    PBI is a US-based company that is the only producer of PBI fiber in the world. PBI is the trade name for polybenzimidazole, a fabric that offers a highly qualitative combination of thermal resistance, durability and comfort. Their high-end products are in line with the top-notch firefighter suits Sioen Fire offers.

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  • DuPont logo


    Dupont’s patented Nomex® fiber is used as part of several assemblies used for our Sioen firefighter suits. It offers a very high thermal protection, while being low-weighted. In addition, the fiber has a high air permeability that helps reduce heat stress. The Nomex® technology is used in various PPE garments.

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    Orafol provides innovative solutions for self-adhesive graphic films, reflective materials and adhesive tape systems. Their products and technologies are used for several reflective tapes that are used to improve your visibility. They offer flame retardant glass bead and microprismatic tapes and EN Iso 20471 tapes with glass beads or prisms.

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  • 3M logo


    3M us the market leader in glass bead technology that complies with the EN 469 standard that provides performance requirements for protective clothing for firemen. 3M is Sioen Fire's supplier for the triple trim retroreflective striping. It has a grey retroreflective central part with two fluorescent bands around it.

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