Our 200-headed R&D department sets the standard in the protection of firefighters and develops new products and processes. Thanks to our in-house testing lab we can offer you personalised solutions. In addition, having our own lab translates into shorter development times and in flexible adaptations to your needs. It also means that we can test the compliance with the safety standards of our products ourselves.

The assemblies that are used to manufacture your firefighter suit are created by “Siotec”, our in-house design and engineering team in collaboration with our own R&D department. The 830 Twin Square assembly, for example, was especially designed to meet the needs of the Paris Fire Brigade.

Sioen is actively involved in creating European and international standards and regulations relating to professional protective clothing and firefighter clothing, in particular. Our current Sioen Apparel head of R&D, Ivan Deceuninck, collaborated to draw up dozens of PPE product standards. Today, various Sioen people are active in working groups at national (Mirror comités, Febelsafe, Synamap, BSIF), European (European Safety Federation) and at global level (ISO, IMO).

We put a lot of effort into improving safety and comfort. Vera De Glas, a Sioen R&D engineer, is chairman of the CEN sub-study group on decontamination of firefighting clothing, a theme that has proved to be on the minds of numerous firefighters.