Sioen Fire has always been protecting our heroes and we will keep on doing so. Even with the most intensive training and the best firefighter garments, there still are fatalities among firefighters every year. The risks are multiple: heat stress, burns, cuts, falls, attacks. Sioen Fire will keep on innovating its suits to provide the best possible protection.

In addition, Sioen Fire already makes a huge effort to improve decontamination and to devise new processes that can eliminate toxic substances even better. Our R&D department learns more about decontamination every day thanks to elaborate testing in our in-house laboratory.

There is a strong connection between wildfires and climate change. Many areas have become hotter and drier due to climate change. Not only the fire itself can be very threatening and deadly to both humans and animals, but also the smoke can pose an immediate threat to public health. In addition, the changing weather conditions due to global warming are said to cause more storms, higher wind speeds and more coastal flooding.

All of those natural disasters will increase the number of firefighter interventions.

Sioen Fire wants to be a benchmark not only for quality products, but also for sustainable production processes. Our Research and Development team is putting a lot of effort in finding solutions. At the moment, Sioen already produces a number of biodegradable technical textiles that have zero impact on the environment. It, however, will take some more time to introduce similar processes to our Sioen Fire department.

In addition, we already have a polyester recycling unit at our spinning mill in Mouscron, Belgium and we want to continue on the same line for Sioen Fire.

Have a look at our CSR manifest for more information.