A correct size = a well-protected fireman

Sizing plays a crucial role in optimising the protection of a fire suit. Siotec, the Sioen department that translates the needs and requirements of the fire brigades into a garment, uses specific sizing charts to create these fire suits. In order to have greater thermal insulation, air needs to be present between the layers of the garment. That is why there must be a minimum amount of space between the skin of the firefighter and his fire suit, which explains, for example, why the circumference of the jacket is slightly wider than the actual measurements of the fireman.

Defined by Siotec

Sioen - A close-up of the zipper in a firefighter jacket made by Sioen Fire

In other occasions, the sizing is not defined yet and Siotec then uses its sizing charts and especially designed measuring tape (S.M.S.) to determine the right size. Our sizing complies with the EN ISO 13688 standard.

In addition, the sizing is adapted to the firemen's physique. For example, if many firemen from a certain fire department have larger muscular arms, the sleeves are widened to make sure that no injuries are caused due to the lack of air between the skin and suit.

Measuring process

In order to take the fireman's measurements, SIOEN uses an especially designed measuring tape. This new innovative tape was created to allow measurements to be taken faster and a lot easier.

You simply have to read your size on the tape when taking your measurements, as they are indicated directly on the tape. We have different measuring tapes, as sizing in France, for example, differs from the one in Belgium. The measuring tape exists for the chest circumference and the waist.

In addition, the tape also includes information about the length that fits you better. There are four fittings, depending on your specific measurements (Short, Regular, Tall and Extra Tall).

Our sizing charts

To have an optimal protection, the size of your suit should be perfect. Have a look at our sizing charts to find out what your size is.

Width EN 469 products

Chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
S 86-94 74-82
M 94-102 82-90
L 102-110 90-98
XL 110-118 98-106
XXL 118-129 106-117

Length EN 469 products

Stature (cm)
Short 164-172
Regular 172-180
Long 180-188
Extra long 188-196

Coupled size chart in cm for EN 469 products

Waist circumference (cm) Size Stature (cm)
76-88 1 C - < 172
M - 172-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188
92-104 2 C - < 172
M - 172-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188
108-120 3 C - < 172
M - 172-180
L - 180-188
XL - >188

Size chart for non EN 469 products

Size Stature (cm) Chest circumference (cm) Waist circumference (cm)
S 164-172 86-94 74-82
M 172-180 94-102 82-90
L 172-180 102-110 90-98
XL 180-188 110-118 98-106
XXL 180-188 118-129 106-117
XXXL 188-196 129-141 117-129