It is important that good firefighter garments are maintained well. As expert producers, we’re also offering expertise in the cleaning and repair of professional firefighter suits to make sure that they comply with the safety standards even after highly demanding interventions. A smart track-and-trace log system allows you to manage all of your gear perfectly.

At our laundry service in France, the BSPP (Paris Fire Brigade), the BMPM (Marseille) as well as the many SDIS (departmental fire services) entrust us with the washing and decontamination of their textile sets.
In close collaboration with the best detergent producers and testing laboratories, we’ve engineered the best processes to wash and decontaminate firefighter garments. We offer different programs adapted to the level of soiling of the equipment.

Sioen - Firefighter garments in front of a working washing machine

Repair centre

Our workshop is equipped with all necessary equipment and skilled staff to repair firefighter garments.

A check-up includes:

  • Before washing: identification, zipper and hook-and-loop fastener, check of the pockets, dirt.
  • After drying: establishing an individual garment condition record, recording of identification, possible application of barcodes.
  • Spot-checking of water-repellence requirements (spray test according to EN 24920: mini ISO 4: Article 6.8.2 of the standard EN 469:2005). It is important to note that in the event that level 4 is not reached, a treatment specific re-impregnation is carried out.

Our technicians can conduct and consult on-site repairs and back-to-base servicing.

Sioen - a seamstress is using a sewing machine

End of life

At Sioen, several workforces were set up to find innovative solutions concerning CSR, circular economy and recycling.

When it comes to recycling firefighter garments, several projects are in progress that include recycling station wear in flame-resistant non-wovens. Station wear, however, is much easier to recycle than intervention garments, as the design, accessories and the single-layer structure is simpler. In addition, it is less contaminated.

Sioen has submitted an application for a state-subsidised project that studies recycling for more technical products. Thanks to a collaboration between Sioen France, the French National Forestry Board (ONF) and a recycling company, firefighter garments were recycled into oven mitts, recreational bags, laptop sleeves, etc.

Sioen - a laptop sleeve made of recycled firefighter garments


As each and every firefighter suit goes through different types and numbers of interventions, we cannot give a warranty of a certain number of years. What we can do, is guarantee that our Sioen Fire garments have a superior quality. That means that a long lifespan is expected and guaranteed.

You will be able to enjoy your firefighter suit for multiple years when you treat it with proper care.

Your firefighter suit should be washed and decontaminated frequently. Our laundry facilities in Graulhet, France, are used by several French departments, such as the BMPM (Marseille).

Sioen - a firefighter in full suit is rinsed using a fire hose