Exploring the market

The process does not start with the tender itself. It starts a lot sooner. We constantly try to find out what our future customers are looking for. Are there any weak points in their current garments? Are there any improvements that they have in mind?

We expect more from our products than simply meeting the standards. We want them to be as comfortable as possible. No-one would buy just any type of car. You have special requirements in mind. It’s the same with firefighter suits.

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Proactive approach to the customers’ needs and wishes

Once it is clear what our future customers need, our R&D department starts developing the right assemblies. Developing new innovations might take several months. That is why we cannot wait until the tender is launched.

Assemblies Standards

Participation in the tender

We cannot respond to every public tender. At Sioen we would like to get to know the fire brigade and their requirements first. We prefer doing some tests with them before producing samples for a tender. That way, we can provide the excellent service every fire brigade deserves.

Choosing the right materials

Our in-house R&D department chooses or creates suitable assemblies in accordance with the requirements. A customer might indicate how long the suit should endure the flame test or what the maximum weight of the suit can be. For some countries, breathability could be more important than for others due to the warm weather. The different requirements and a full risk analysis are taken into account.

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Usually the customer specifies the design requirements in the tender. That could involve the preferred colours, the finishing off, ergonomics, etc. We have an eye for detail and we deliver perfect samples that fully comply with the given requirements.

We engineer and design with an emphasis on safety and comfort. Our staff are experts when it comes to combining technicality and comfort.

This division is called 'Siotec' and has 25 employees who create, design, develop and validate over 3 940 new projects per year. In addition, each production plant has its own smaller creative teams. Together with the R&D staff, they make sure you have your firefighters garment fit for your purposes.

Manufacturing units

Our firefighter garments are manufactured in Romania. Sometimes, we might also produce the suits at our plants in Tunisia, Myanmar or Indonesia, depending on the volume of the order.

Next to our own in-house R&D department, our own designers, logistics and quality control department, we also have production plants that are 100% property of Sioen. Our skilled workforce can manufacture your firefighter garments with great attention for detail.

Our production sites are located in Romania, Tunisia, Myanmar and Indonesia. In short, we have both EU-based and Asian production plants, living the advantages of fast delivery anywhere in the world.

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Quality control

Once the product is manufactured, its quality is always checked. That way, we can guarantee the quality of the finished firefighter garment and the firemen’s safety before, during and after demanding interventions.

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At the end of the process, the samples are delivered to the official that wrote the tender. Of course, we deliver more than just the samples. We also make a compilation of datasheets, including certifications, technical datasheets of the assemblies, prices, etc. From our 7 production locations, we can supply you wherever you are in the world. Our warehouses are fit to handle orders from some pieces to complete pallets.

Sioen Fire wants to set the standard when it comes to providing you with the best products and services, including logistics. In our search for excellence, we also tackle some ecological challenges, such as: packaging and recycling.

Sioen - Distibution centre Mouscron (CDU)