Assembly: 830 - Twin

The Dubai Civil Defence required a high level of protection. We proposed our 830 Twin assembly that combines protection and comfort thanks to its special inner liner. Our main goal is to provide the Dubai Firefighters with safety, comfort and lightness. We have adapted the garment to the real life conditions of the Dubai firefighters, as we do for all our suits. We have enlarged the jacket’s radio pocket to make sure that the radio is securely attached during interventions. In addition, the sizes of the garments and the reinforcements were adapted to the firemen’s physique, ensuring a great fit for their heroes.

Material assembly 830 - Twin

The 830 Twin assembly combines comfort, protection and lightness. It has an excellent heat resistance, is breathable and has very good insulating properties. Thousands of firefighters across Europe are using this assembly.

  1. Twin
  2. SIO-A.I.R. PTFE
  3. Techweave
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Technical specifications

Firefighter jacket
Reference: 8VK4F0PVT

The Dubai jacket comes with an elongated back that provides higher protection (with a complete overlapping of the jacket with the trouser). Located at the upper back, the Drag and Rescue Device (DRD) is added to facilitate the extrication of an injured firefighter in an easier and quicker manner. In addition, the shoulders were reinforced to help the fireman support the weight of the SCBA, providing him with extra comfort while maintaining complete thermal insulation. The reflective bands are perforated, and their stitchings are reinforced, which ensures a jacket with durable high visibility. .


  • Straight collar
  • Zip closure with chin protection under double flap wih touch and close fastening
  • 1 patched radio pocket with gusset, flap and touch and close fastening on the right chest.
  • 2 patched pockets with gusset and touch and close fastening
  • 1 loop for lamp
  • 1 Napoleon pocket
  • 1 pen pocket
  • Round sleeves
  • Reinforcement at shoulders and elbows
  • Elongated back tail
  • Detachable flap at back of jacket
  • DRD system (Drag Rescue Device)
  • Knitted cuffs in sleeves with thumb loop
  • 1 inside pocket
  • Inspection opening closed by zipper

Certified to

  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1: 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y2 Z2
  • EN ISO 13688 : 2013
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Firefighter trousers
Reference: 8VQ4F0PVT

The trousers that complement the Dubai jacket are equipped with side adjusters and an elastic waistband, to ensure a comfortable fit. The reinforcements at the bottom of the trousers were even silicon coated for greater durability. Finally, the large cargo pockets provide plenty of storage space.


  • Front fly with zip closure under double flap with touch and close fastening and hook
  • 2 patched pockets with flap with touch & close fastening
  • Ergonomic knee reinforcements
  • Elasticated waist
  • 2 adjustable braces with closure by buckles
  • Loop with snap hook at each side
  • 1 inside pocket
  • Wickingstrip at bottom of trousers

Certified to

  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1: 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y2 Z2
  • EN ISO 13688 : 2013
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