Outer fabric Microrip Sioguard

98% aramid + 2% AST ; ± 230 g/m²

Our Microrip Sioguard is an outer fabric that was designed to provide an optimal protection for firemen during their different missions. It is developed and produced in France according to a strict protocol and it also complies with the ÖEKO-TEX® 100 standard which confirms that the product does not contain any harmful substances that pose a threat to human health.

Its mechanical characteristics are 3 times better than the demands of the EN 469 standard. The original weaving of the material offers an excellent breathability and a high abrasion resistance. The garment has an excellent wash fastness throughout its entire life.

The Microrip Sioguard today protects several thousands of fireman throughout Europe. Its reliability does not need to be proved anymore and its breathability offers an excellent comfort.

The Microrip Sioguard is available in different colours: navy, yellow, orange and red.

Sioen - Nomex Microrip Sioguard

Moisture barrier SIO-A.I.R. PTFe

100% aramid

Following their risk assessment, firemen sometimes ask for a membrane that is not only breathable but also very heat resistant. That is why we developed our own solution: the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFe. We have laminated a base layer of PTFe on a 3D felt of 100% aramid.

The SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFe is tested in accordance with the EN ISO 6530 standard (Protection against liquid chemicals - Test method for resistance of materials to penetration by liquids). It is waterproof, with a water column of more than 10 metres, even after it has been exposed for 7 seconds to a temperature of 220°C. It also passes the kerosene test.

Finally the membrane also passes the ASTM F1671 test after 25 washes at 60°C which ensures that a selection of viruses cannot penetrate the SIO-A.I.R barrier PTFe membrane.

Sioen - SIO-A.I.R. PTFe moisture barrier

Thermal barrier Quilted felt on technical 3D fabric

Non-wovens are known for their excellent insulating qualities when they are used in protective textile.

The use of non-wovens guarantees a good thermal insulation. Moreover, we quilt the felt with our technical 3D fabric which improves the mechanical and thermal insulation of the garment.

The lining of a jacket is often considered to be secondary compared to the other layers. We, on the other hand, think that it is every bit as important as the other layers. It is in direct contact with the skin and has to bear a lot of mechanical stress. The lining can't retain moisture and plays an important role in the protection of the jacket. That's why we created this technical 3D fabric which has a very airy structure thanks to a specific weaving technique.


Sioen - The 825 Microrip assembly is shown, consisting of a Nomex Microrip Sioguard outer fabric, the SIO-A.I.R. PTFe moisture barrier and the quilted felt on the technical 3D Nomex fabric