Outer fabric Microrip Sioguard

98% aramid - 2% AST ; ± 230 g/m²

Our Microrip Sioguard is an outer fabric that was designed to provide an optimal protection for firemen during their different missions. It is developed and produced in France according to a strict protocol and it also complies with the ÖEKO-TEX® 100 standard, which confirms that the product does not contain any harmful substances that pose a threat to human health.

Its mechanical characteristics are 3 times better than required by the EN 469 standard. The original weaving of the material offers an excellent breathability and a high abrasion resistance. The garment has an excellent wash fastness throughout its entire life.

  • The Microrip Sioguard today protects several thousands of firemen throughout Europe. Its reliability is well-proven and its breathability offers an excellent comfort.

The Microrip Sioguard is available in different colours: navy, yellow, orange and red.

Insulation layer 100% Aramid

The insulation layer is made from a meta-aramid mesh, also quilted with a 100% aramid non-woven fabric. This solution is very insulating while being breathable and mechanically resistant.

Thermal barrier Techweave

This 3D weave produces a fabric with excellent insulating properties.

The air channel system thus created makes it possible to achieve a level of thermal insulation never before achieved while improving the regulation of heat and sweat that firefighters generate while in interventions. Thanks to its aramid composition, this lining has a very good mechanical resistance.

This fabric improves the comfort of the firefighter thanks to its flexibility and lightness.

50% of Techweave is in direct contact with the skin, which makes Techweave very comfortable.


Firefighter suits using this assembly