Diving and rescue garments for firefighters
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Why a firefighter needs diving and water rescue garments

Many fire brigades have a diving team that can be deployed in all kinds of situations. Those teams, for example, rescue people from cars that were driven into water and rescue animals that are trapped in water. Further, diving teams are often asked to help search for missing people in the water.

Whether you are part of a similar team or not, you most certainly realise that you need adapted garments for such interventions. A diver has to deal with currents, poor visibility, difficult communication and depends on good diving equipment.

As a diver for a fire department you, for example, need a drysuit to perform challenging rescue missions. An underwater drysuit keeps you warm and dry while rescuing someone from a car wreck in a canal or when searching for a missing person. Additional thermal layers might be needed, depending on the water temperatures. Don’t forget to look for the perfect hood that complements your drysuit!

In addition, when you are on a boat for a prolonged period of time during your rescue mission, a safety suit might be helpful. You can, for example, opt for a Mullion Aquafloat Suit that is a constant wear floatation suit. It provides 2 hours of thermal protection in the water and has anti-flushing straps to the arms and legs. Its fully waterproof fabric protects you from getting wet. Furthermore, when the rescued individuals are not out of the danger zone yet and you need to bring them to dry land, you can protect them with a life jacket.

Ursuit and Mullion

Both Ursuit and Mullion are brands of Sioen.

Ursuit Oy is our division that is specialised in drysuits that combine absolute safety with first-rate comfort. Both above and under water solutions. Our drysuits aim to improve the safety related to activities on and under water.

Mullion Survival Technology is our division that is specialised in providing Marine Safety and Personal Floatation Devices, designed to protect lives in some of the harshest and unforgiving environments. Our lifejackets, floatation and immersion suits combine comfort and durability with technical safety and protection.

Have a look at the websites of Mullion and Ursuit for more information.

Choosing your protection

Finding the right P.P.E. depends, among others, on the weather conditions you will be working in. Your drysuit and floatation suit should be adapted to the water temperatures and the amount of time you will spend in the water.

In addition, your choice might also depend on which type of visibility you need. A bright red suit certainly is more easily visible than a dark suit. In addition, female divers might prefer a lady fit drysuit. That is why we have developed models fitted specifically for their needs.