Firefighter men with chainsaw protection
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Why a firefighter needs chainsaw protection

During some emergency tasks, the use of a chainsaw might be needed. It might be needed to cut trees after a storm or for clearing fire lines.

Using a chainsaw still remains a very dangerous task. People are seriously injured every year while operating chainsaws. Next to proper training and knowledge, specific P.P.E. garments can keep you safe during the most challenging assignments. Even if your task only takes a couple of minutes, it remains highly injury prone.

You wear protective clothing during fire interventions, during dive rescues, so why not protect yourself with P.P.E. when using a chainsaw?

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Forestry and Chainsaw Protective Clothing

SIP Protection is our division that is specialised in Forestry clothing and chainsaw protection, carefully designed for and tested by wearers in the field. Engineered, manufactured, worn and approved by experts for experts. Every chainsaw user and tree climber will find the right garment according to his/her needs.

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Choosing your protection

Finding the P.P.E. you need depends on the weather conditions you will be working in. You always need protective trousers or a bib and brace with all-round protection. However, for warm weather conditions, you might prefer a pair of trousers with a large ventilation mesh on the back of the legs. Thanks to that mesh, your body can be cooled down.