Assembly: 540 - Plus

The firemen in Yonne face two main risks: fire and dangers on the road, according to a risk assessment conducted by the SDIS89 before writing the specifications of the tender. The A6, a highly used highway, passes through this department. That is why a suit that complies with the EN471 high visibility standard and EN469 standard was chosen. To limit heat stress, the jacket only has a membrane on the front and none on the back, a world first. This innovation increases the breathability of the suit and thus the firemen's comfort. It is a Sioen innovation that is unique on the market.

Material assembly 540 - Plus

This solution is a revolution. It ensures very good ventilation for the firefighter, which limits thermal stress. To achieve this property, we use the advantages of two different assemblies.

On the front of the jacket, on the sleeves and on the shoulders, the waterproof and breathable lining SioLiner Plus is used. On the back, the 538 assembly is used without a membrane. It provides better breathability than a jacket with a membrane, and at the same time continues to ensure protection against liquids.

  1. Microrip Sioguard
  2. ISO’AIR®
  3. SioLiner Plus
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Technical specifications

Firefighter jacket
Reference: 1VH1F0PYM

This jacket is equipped with a removable fluorescent yellow bib attached to the shoulders with hook-and-loop fasteners. In order to comply with the high visibility standard EN ISO 20471, yellow fluorescent strips and retroreflective strips made of glass microbeads are used.


  • Collar with flap with touch and close fastening
  • Anti-panic zipper under flap with touch & close fastening
  • 2 inset pockets with touch & close fastening
  • 1 Napoleon pocket
  • 1 loop for lamp
  • D-buckle for fixing gloves
  • Ergonomic sleeves with gusset
  • Sleeve narrowing by touch and close fastening
  • Shoulder reinforcement with foam and elbow reinforcement
  • Reflective and hi-vis striping (50mm)
  • Jacket with detachable chest flap
  • Fixed lining: aramid with PU coating in front + quilted in the back
  • Knitted cuffs in sleeves with thumbhole
  • Wickingstrip at sleeve end and at hem

Certified to

  • EN 1149-5 : 2018
  • EN ISO 20471 : 2013 +A1 2016 / Class 2 (with detachable chestflap)
  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1 : 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y2 Z2 (front)
  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1 : 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y1 Z2 (back)
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Firefighter trousers
Reference: 1VUAF0PYM

These normal waist trousers have adjustable and removable braces. The knees are reinforced with coated and cut resistant Kevlar® and foam. The same type of striping as on the jacket were used at the bottom of the legs. In addition, there is an elastic in the waist.


  • Front fly with zip closure under flap with touch and close fastening
  • closing by 1 button
  • Detachable braces
  • Elasticated waist
  • Knee reinforcement with foam
  • Flame retardant fluorescent and retroreflective striping (50 mm)

Certified to

  • EN 1149-5 : 2008
  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1 : 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y2 Z2 (front)
  • EN 469 : 2005 + A1 : 2006 / Xf2 Xr2 Y1 Z2 (back)
  • EN ISO 13688 : 2013
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